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Nirvana Rooms & Apartments (hereinafter: “LC”, “we”, “us”, “our”) respects your privacy and makes every effort to protect your personal information. Please note that we reserve the right to change the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time (hereinafter: the “Policy”). We may collect personal information at any point of contact or interaction with a guest, as well as in all aspects of our business.

For us, every client is important. That is why our highest priority is to offer you top service in all aspects of your stay.

This Privacy Policy for Nirvana Rooms & Apartments. applies from 25 May 2018. By using the services and products of Nirvana Rooms & Apartments you entrust us with your data. This Policy describes what data we collect, how we process it and for what purposes we use it, as well as your rights related to your data.

a) The following is responsible for data processing:

Company: Nirvana Rooms & Apartments

Headquarters: Dupančićevi dvori 3, 21000 Split

The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection is available by e-mail:

If we use the services of external providers to process your personal data, we are talking about the processing (of personal data) by order. And in that case we are responsible for the protection of your personal data. We may use non-EU service providers to process your personal data. We will only do so if there is a European Commission decision on adequacy for that third country or if we have agreed with the service provider appropriate guarantees or compliance with binding data protection regulations.

“Personal data” means all information collected and stored in a form that allows you to be personally identified, either directly (eg by name) or indirectly (eg by phone number) as a natural person. Before you provide us with this information, we encourage you to read this document, which describes our client privacy guidelines.

We may use your personal information (hereinafter "OI") for marketing purposes. If required by applicable law, you will be asked to give your explicit prior consent to receive such marketing materials. If you access and use our site (which includes: viewing, transferring, caching or saving this site or any service, function, material or content contained therein), this means that you have read and accepted all terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms, you may not use this site for any purpose.

Your rights

a) Right to correction: If we process your personal information that is incomplete or inaccurate, you may at any time ask us to correct or supplement it.

b) Right of deletion: You can ask us to delete your personal data if we have processed it illegally or that processing constitutes a disproportionate encroachment on your protected interests. Please note that there are reasons that prevent immediate deletion, for example in the case of statutory obligations.

c) The right to the possibility of data transfer: You can ask us to provide you with the data you have entrusted to us for archiving in a structured form, in the usual machine-readable format.

d) Right of access: You can obtain confirmation from us whether your personal data are being processed and, if such personal data are being processed, access to this data and the following information: information on the purpose of processing, the categories of personal data in question, recipients or categories of recipients disclosure of the intended period in which personal data will be stored or the criteria used to determine that period, the existence of your rights under this Policy, the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, and information on processing logic, importance and the foreseeable consequences of the processing, safeguards if personal data are transferred to third countries or international organizations.

e) Right to limit processing: You can ask us to limit the processing of your data: if you dispute the accuracy of the data during a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of that data if the data processing was illegal but you refuse to delete it and instead request a restriction on the use of the data if we no longer need the information for the intended purpose, but you still need it to meet legal requirements or if you have filed a complaint about the distribution of this information

f) Right to object: If we distribute your data for the purpose of performing tasks of public interest or tasks of public bodies or invoking our legitimate interests in processing them, you may object to such processing if there is an interest in protecting your data.

h) Exercise of rights: If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using our contact details in the introductory provisions of this Policy.

i) Confirmation of identity: In case of doubt, we may request additional information to verify your identity. This serves to protect your rights and private sphere.

j) Abuse of rights: If you exercise any of these rights too often and with obvious intent to abuse, we may charge an administrative fee or refuse to process your request.

i) Confirmation of identity: In case of doubt, we may request additional information to verify your identity. This serves to protect your rights and private sphere.

Legal basis for processing your data

We process personal data on the basis of the following legal bases:

  • We rely on the legal basis that the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of the contract, or for finalizing and managing your reservation. If the required personal information is not provided, we cannot finalize the reservation, nor can we provide customer service.
  • We rely on our legitimate business interests to provide our services, prevent fraud and improve our services. When using personal data for the purpose of pursuing our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of third parties, we will always give priority to your rights and interests to protect your personal data over our rights and interests or the rights and interests of third parties. Sometimes we may contact you through other channels such as email, mail, phone or SMS - the method chosen depends on the contact information you have previously shared with us. We also process the messages you send us. There are several reasons for this:
  • Respond to and process any requests you make. We also offer guests various ways to exchange information, requests and comments about their offers and existing reservations made through our website and booking interface.
  • If you have not completed your online booking, we may contact you with a reminder to continue your booking. We believe that this additional service is useful to you because it allows you to continue with the reservation without having to re-enter the reservation data.
  • When using our services, you can receive a questionnaire or an invitation to write a review of your experience with us.
  • We also send you other types of materials related to your reservations, such as information on how you can contact us if you need help while on the road and information that we think could be useful in planning your stay and conducting it to the best of your ability. way. We also send you material related to upcoming travel reservations or a review of previous travel reservations made through us.
  • Even if you do not have upcoming Travel Reservations, we may send you other administrative messages that may include security alerts.

When you call the Customer Service team, we use the automatic phone number recognition system to link your phone number to existing bookings to save time. Our Customer Service team can request data authentication to ensure the confidentiality of your booking information. During conversations with our customer service team, it is possible to listen to a live call or record a call for quality monitoring and training purposes, which includes using recordings when resolving requests or detecting fraud. The recordings are stored for a certain period of time, after which they are automatically deleted, unless we have a justifiable reason to keep them for a longer period of time, for the purpose of investigating fraud and for other lawful purposes.

  • We also rely, where applicable, on meeting legal obligations (such as legal requirements of law enforcement authorities). Where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent before the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Information for certain categories of respondents

3.1. Guests and other users of our services

3.1.1. Why do we collect and process your personal information?

When processing your personal data, we also use automated processing processes, for example to constantly improve our products and services, to make contact with you more individual and to adapt our offer and products to your user habits. Such processes can be called profiling and are mentioned as such below. Also, we can process and analyze a large amount of data about our users so that they are processed in aggregate and anonymized form and it is not possible to connect them with a specific individual. We process all types of your personal data for the following purposes:

  • communication by telephone, e-mail and directly at the point of service

During the contractual relationship, as well as after the termination of our contractual relationship, we contact you through the following communication channels for which you have given us consent: call, SMS, e-mail (e-mail), social networks, in writing (by mail)

  • managing your reservations;
  • providing the services you have requested from us (providing accommodation services);
  • providing information on conferences and events
  • guest check-in and check-out;
  • exercising rights towards the guest (eg collection of invoices for services provided)
  • improving your stay in the accommodation facility;
  • loyalty program management;
  • use your feedback to improve our services;
  • provision of services after the stay: subscription to our newsletter, inclusion in our system for prize games, other marketing communications and marketing activities for the purpose of informing about our services and products;
  • our internal statistical data processing;
  • satisfaction monitoring;
  • Realization of the contract

We process personal data for the purpose of providing and calculating services in tourism and catering in accordance with the applicable Act on the provision of services in tourism and the Act on catering. We process your personal data in your inquiries in accordance with applicable regulations (eg Electronic Communications Act, Consumer Protection Act, Personal Data Protection Act, etc.), as well as for information that we are obliged to perform under applicable regulations (eg for sending notifications, sending reminders to pay for services, etc.). For the purpose of fulfilling the contract, we may contact you via the contact details you have given us;

  • Detection of abuses and recognition of errors

We also process your personal data internally, in order to expose fraud and abuse. In order to detect abuse and identify errors, we may contact you via the contact information you have provided;

  • Check of creditworthiness and collection of receivables

Before concluding the contract and during the existing contractual relationship with you, we as a company have a legitimate interest in learning more about the creditworthiness of our (future) customers. If we have already stored your personal data during a previous contractual relationship with you (and we still keep it in accordance with applicable regulations and this Policy), we may use it to assess creditworthiness in case you wish to enter into a new contract with us. In that case, it is about profiling in the sense of this Policy. If your credit rating is low or we are unable to obtain information about your credit rating, we may refuse to enter into a contract or request additional collateral. If you have an objection regarding the credit rating, you can challenge it at any time and state your point of view. If you do not fulfill your contractual obligations, in order to protect ourselves as a creditor, we may provide relevant personal data and use the services of natural and legal persons to collect claims (eg law firms, debt collection agencies, etc.). Before we take such a measure, we will inform you in particular through the contact details you have given us, in order to give you an opportunity to comment .;

  • Profiling

Nirvana Rooms & Apartments processes the personal data referred to in Article 3.1.3, points a. to c of this Policy within the framework of justified (legitimate) interest in order to obtain an overview of our products and services you may be interested in and to assign you an internal user category. Based on that, as our customer, we can offer you appropriate services and products tailored to your customer habits, which can bring you additional benefits, or anticipate your needs and respond to them in a timely manner. For example: if we notice that you often stay in our facilities, we can offer you a special offer to stay in them; If we notice that you stay more often in one of our facilities, we can offer you a special package related to that facility. In this sense, we will process, for example, data on how we use our products and services, the preferred method and channel of communication, and your demographic data (age, gender…).

We responsibly guarantee that the same data will only be used for these purposes. The purpose of using the data is to make contact with you (so that we can send you information by mail, fax, e-mail, telephone, etc.), if there is a need to contact you quickly, or as part of entering statistical data processing, but only for our internal needs and market research. Since we do not intentionally collect personal information from persons under the age of 18, we would be grateful if your children would not provide us with any personal information without your permission. If you choose to participate in social media activities that we sponsor, we may collect certain information from your social media account in accordance with your social media service settings. With regard to obligations to local authorities, we may also be obliged to provide your information to local authorities if required by law.

3.1.2. Sources from which we collect your data
Personal information you provide to us.

We collect and use the information you provide to us. When you make an accommodation reservation (hereinafter: reservation) and when registering at the accommodation facility, you are required (minimum) name and surname, e-mail address, home address, telephone / mobile phone number, payment information, date of birth, names of guests who travel with you and any preferences (possible reduced mobility) related to your stay.

If you need to contact our customer service or want to contact us in some other way (for example via social networks or communicate with a booked Travel Provider through us), we will also collect your personal information. Guests may also receive an invitation to write a review to help prospective guests find what they are looking for. We will collect information from you that is included in your reviews, including your nickname and avatar if you use it.

There are some other situations in which you will give us your personal information. For example, if you search our site through a browser on your mobile device, you can choose to give us access to your current location or contact information - this helps us optimize the service and experience we provide (for example, to see our city, restaurant or attractions that are closest to your location or other recommendations). You can also create an account that allows you to save personal preferences, add photos, rate pre-booked facilities, and plan or edit future bookings, or benefit from other options available only to account holders (such as incentives or other benefits we can offer).

You may choose to participate in service recommendation programs or sweepstakes, and this also means that you will provide us with your personal information. In addition, you can send us feedback or ask for help when using our services.

Personal information you give us about others.

You may not make a reservation for yourself in some cases. You may go on a trip with other guests whose details you will provide during the booking or you may make a booking on behalf of someone.

We are obliged to emphasize that it is your responsibility to ensure that the person or persons whose personal data you have provided us are aware of this and that he or she understands and accepts the way we use that data (as described in the Policy).

Personal data we collect automatically.

Even if you do not decide to make a reservation in the end, when we visit our website or applications we automatically collect certain information. This includes your IP address, date and time of access to our services, information about the hardware, software or Internet browser you are using, as well as about your computer's operating system and application version and your language settings. We also collect information about clicks and pages displayed to you. If you use a mobile device, we collect data that identifies your mobile device, settings related to your device, and characteristics and data on other system activities. After you make a reservation, our system registers which way and from which page you made a reservation or accessed our website and / or applications. Personal information we receive from other sources. We don't just collect the information you give us - we may also receive information about you from other sources. They include business partners such as distribution partners and other independent third parties, and anything we receive from them can be combined with information you provide to us. For example, we do not provide reservation services exclusively through us and our applications, but they are also integrated into the services of distribution partners that you can find online. If you use some of them, you can provide the information needed for the reservation to our business partner, and he then forwards them to us. These distribution partners share payment information with us so that we can manage and process the reservation and make the whole process go smoothly for you. Distribution partners also share information about you with us - this can happen in case you have questions related to the reservation and if there are difficulties related to the reservation.

3.1.3. The type of data we collect
We use the following personal information:

a) Your basic personal data: name and surname, address, personal identification number (OIB), date of birth, gender, cell phone number and contact details, email address, number phone). b) other personal data, which you or third parties make available to us at the time of concluding the contract or during the duration of the contractual relationship, such as data from the identity card, bank account, signing or representation powers; this does not include data that are particularly sensitive from the point of view of personal data protection, in particular data on racial or ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs or worldview, genetic data. c) Your information on the consumption and use of our products and services d) information on your habits of using our products and services in general: eg desired period of stay, length of stay, desired category of facility, etc. e) data we collect through the so-called cookies placed in your internet browser, such as the IP address from which the website is accessed, the time of access and the like. You will receive all information about cookies on your first visit to the website, on the basis of which you can give or deny consent to the use of cookies that are not necessary for the website to function properly. It is important to emphasize that cookie settings can always be configured in an Internet browser and that we will use the information obtained through cookies only with your consent. f) other information you provide to us that you wish to remain confidential You may at any time waive the protection of this information, by express statement. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, which means that your data will not be used by us for promotion. In this case, we can use them only for our internal purposes, eg for statistical data processing.

3.1.4. Sharing your information with others

In certain situations, we will share your personal information with third parties. Third party service providers: We use service providers to process your personal information on our behalf. This processing is done for several purposes, including sending marketing materials or verifying the accuracy of the email address you provided during the booking process. Third parties providing services have undertaken to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided and may not use your personal data for purposes other than those we have specified. Billing service providers and (other) financial institutions: When you or the owner of the credit card used for the booking requests a refund for your booking, we need to share certain booking information with the billing provider and the relevant financial institution that will make the refund. This may also include a copy of your booking confirmation or the IP address used for the booking. If we deem it necessary to detect or prevent fraud, we may share this information with relevant financial institutions. Competent authorities: We disclose personal data to law enforcement authorities if necessary in accordance with the law or necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally obliged to do so. In addition, we may disclose personal information to the authorities in order to protect our rights or assets or the rights and assets of our business partners. Business Partners: We work with many business partners around the world. These business partners distribute or promote our services and products. After you make a reservation through the website or application of one of our business partners, certain personal information you provide to them, such as your name and email address, your address, payment information and other relevant information, will be forwarded to us so that we finalize and manage your reservation. If the business partner provides customer service, we will share with you information relevant to your reservation (when and to the extent necessary) so that we can provide you with adequate and effective support. After you make a reservation through the website or application of one of our business partners, he may receive certain parts of your personal information related to a particular reservation, such as your name and email address. This is done for the internal purposes of the partner (such as analytical purposes) and, if you request it, for the purpose of running a loyalty or marketing program. After making a reservation through the website of our business partners, please read their privacy statement if you are interested in how they may process your personal information. For the purpose of detecting and preventing fraud and, if necessary, we may also share information about our customers with business partners. Booking interface: We can allow you to make reservations through the Booking interface. As part of the booking process, we will be required to share some of your personal information relevant to that booking with that business partner. Advertising Partners: We share personal information with advertising partners, including your email address, as part of our advertising through third parties (to ensure that relevant ads are shown to the right audience). We strive to share only your email address in non-encrypted form to allow your email address to be matched to your existing user database so that your email address cannot be used for other purposes. For more information about personalized ads and your available options, please read ‘How are cookies used?’ And ‘What options are available to you’ in our Cookie Statement. The transfer of personal data described in the Policy may involve the transfer of personal data to other countries whose data protection laws are not as comprehensive as the laws of the Member States of the European Union. Where necessary under European law, we will transfer personal data only to recipients who provide an adequate level of data protection. In such situations, we will, if necessary, enter into contracts to ensure that your personal data remains protected in accordance with European standards. You can ask us to send you copies of such contracts using the contact information provided.

3.1.5. Period of retention of personal data

We generally delete your basic personal data after the termination of the contractual relationship, and at the latest after the expiration of all legal obligations related to the storage of personal data. Please note that we do not delete your data: Your basic personal data: name and surname, address, personal identification number (OIB), date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and contact details (e-mail address, telephone number) other personal data, which you or third parties make available to us when booking the accommodation facility, such as data from the identity card or passport, bank account, signing or representation powers; this does not include data sensitive from the point of view of data protection, in particular data on racial or ethnic origin, political or religious views or worldview, genetic data.

Your other personal data is generally deleted after the termination of the relationship, and at the latest after the expiration of all legal storage obligations, unless a procedure for forced collection of unpaid receivables has been initiated or if a complaint about the product or service has been filed within the deadline. in accordance with applicable regulations. We generally delete your data on the use of our products or services and their contents upon termination of the relationship, and at the latest after the expiration of all legal storage obligations, unless a procedure for forced collection of unpaid receivables has been initiated or if a product or service has been objected to. until the final completion of the complaint procedure in accordance with the applicable regulations. Once you provide us with information and agree to be contacted, you enter our mailing list. The moment of entry is your consent to be contacted. The protection of the privacy of your data is permanent. You can request exclusion from our mailing list at any time.

3.2. Newsletter

We use your information for the following marketing purposes: In order to send you regular news related to our products and services. You can unsubscribe from receiving notifications via email quickly, easily and anytime - just click on the "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter. Based on your information, you may see personalized offers on our websites, mobile applications or even other sites / applications (including social networks), and the content of the page displayed to you may be personalized. These may include offers that can be booked directly through our website, or other offers and third-party products that we think you might like. When participating in other promotional activities (such as contests, loyalty programs or sweepstakes), relevant information will be used to administer these promotional activities.

Cookies Like many other sites, our site may use cookies and other technologies to help us deliver specific content to your interests, process your bookings or inquiries, and / or analyze your pattern of site visits. "Cookies" and similar tracking systems are data packets used by servers to send status information to a user's browser and to return status information to the original server through that same browser. Based on this pattern, the information is tailored to your needs and the way you typically use the internet. Cookies and similar tracking systems may be installed on your device depending on your browser settings. As with many other portals, ours may use cookies and other technologies that make it easier for us to deliver content depending on your areas of interest, process reservations or requests, and / or analyze the characteristics of your visits. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to reveal your personal identity. When you access our website, this information identifies the properties of your browser to our servers, but not you. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer at any time, you can update your browser settings (for information on how to delete and disable cookies, search your browser by selecting the "Help" menu). signals "," blank GIFs "or similar means (commonly referred to as" pixel tags ") that allow us to find out when you visit our portal and how you use our emails or advertisements.

Personal data protection measures We take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of personal information. We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal information you entrust to us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions to access and use personal information on our servers. Access to personal data is allowed only to authorized personnel for business purposes. Security measures are subject to technical progress and development. We may update or amend security measures from time to time provided that such updates and modifications do not result in degradation of the overall security of the system. We define access control to the system and which employees have access to the personal data of guests and other persons. We will ensure that each of our employees who has the authority to process personal data is subject to the obligation of confidentiality and ongoing education regarding the protection of personal data of clients, partners, guests and other persons in accordance with legal regulations

Protection of children's personal data We advise parents and guardians to teach children about the safe and responsible handling of personal information on the Internet. We do not want and do not intend to collect personal data of persons under the age of 18, they will not use it in any way or disclose it to third parties except in the case of promotional games on the Internet. Such online contact information is used, without parental permission, only to respond directly to the child's request and will not be used for any other purpose; We do not collect personal contact information outside of the Internet, except for the purpose of awarding prizes, and even then only with parental permission; We do not provide any personal information to third parties without the prior permission of the parents; We do not allow children to publicly disclose or otherwise distribute personally identifiable information or other materials that may be contacted without parental permission, nor do we encourage children to disclose more information than to participate in a sweepstakes or other activity. what is required to participate in the activity in question. In cases where children under the age of 18 are allowed to participate in sweepstakes, we require the child to first request permission to participate from their parents or legal representatives, and to enter the e-mail address of their parents or representatives. If a child under the age of 18 wins a prize, parents or guardians are notified by e-mail, telephone or in writing. Personal data of the child and parents are deleted from our database if parents ask us to do so as a parent or guardian, you always have the right to request access to all personal data about your child that we received on one of our sites, you can request deletion (if this information is still in our database), and / or prohibit us from collecting and using your child's information in the future. If you are a parent and want to exercise this right, let us know. In addition to the above, we guarantee the protection of personal data of children provided by special laws governing this issue.

Data change You can contact us at any time to review your personal information, as well as to update, correct or delete information. Until then, we use your old data for the stated purposes. If you have any problems with your rights, please contact us directly via e-mail:

Your consent By filling out the forms on this page, you warrant that the information you provide is accurate, that you are legally capable, that you have every right to enter into this transaction, and that you fully agree that we use and collect your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

The user agrees that the use of our website is solely his responsibility, that we and any affiliated third party cannot in any way guarantee that the use of this website will not be interrupted or will be error-free, that we or other physical or the legal entity involved in the creation, production and distribution of this website is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or inability to use this website, that any copying, transmission, distribution, linking, publishing or in any way modifying is prohibited of this website and that any violation of this prohibition may result in infringement of copyright, trademark, or any other right, which may result in legal proceedings and prosecution.

Transparency All changes to our Privacy Statement are effective upon posting on this site. These changes will be valid in our relations as if they existed before your registration on our mailing list, provided that they are in accordance with the relevant laws of the European Union and the Republic of Croatia and do not limit your rights.

Check-in and check-out conditions for guests Thank you for your reservation and please pay attention to the following Nirvana Rooms & Apartments terms and conditions. A valid credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. A security deposit for guests without a credit card is accepted no later than 7 days after booking. Check-in is possible after 15:00, on the day of arrival. Check-out from the facility must be done at 10:00, on the day of departure. If you want to change or cancel your reservation, you can make changes online, in accordance with the Cancellation Policy. For any additional information please contact our reservation service at e-mail: Nirvana Rooms & Apartments reserves the right to refuse, cancel or modify a reservation if the reservation system has been misused or made through an obvious error by the user.

Cancellation policy

We hold the reservation until 24:00, on the day of arrival.

The following are the conditions for canceling a reservation:

In case of cancellation from the day of booking up to 30 days before arrival, 30% of the reservation will be charged. In case of cancellation 0-30 days before the day of arrival, 100% of the reservation will be charged

in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged

in case of departure during the stay, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

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